Summer School – Klimacamp

Summer School

In the summer schools, you can devote four days to one of our five main topics: queerfeminism, utopias, mobility, antiracism and civil disobedience.
▶️ Queerfeminism
▶️ Antiracism
▶️ Utopias
▶️ Mobility 
▶️ Civil disobedience
▶️ creative Change
In this way, we want to enable an intensive and sustainable content-related discussion and establish a network for a necessary system change. The lessons will take place for 3-4 hours in the morning. The number of participants is limited to 20.

There will also be a youth summer school.

▶️ ▶️ hier ◀️ ◀️
Every summer school has room for 15-20 participants. The registration is first come first serve. To enable a diversity of participants, we especially want to invite people with discriminatory experiences (BI_POC, LGVTQI, migrants, single parents, workers and people from small family farms) and will reserve half of the places until August, 15th. If this quote has not been used up by the given date, the places will be filled from the waiting list.

Course Fee:
It would be ideal if every participant paid an amount of € 60. In case this might be a greater financial threshold for you, we will set the entry fee at € 40. If it is still not feasible, just write us an email and together, we will find a solution. Money should not keep anyone from participating! But if you can afford the solo contribution of € 80, that would be a great help for us.

Your contributions include all-day meals and will also be used to cover the fees for the workshop leaders, materials and room rent.