Am I in the right place? – Barriers at the Camp – Klimacamp

Am I in the right place? – Barriers at the Camp

We want everyone with us to be able to take part in the Climate Camp. We know that unfortunately this is not easy for many people for different reasons – because they have different needs that complicate their participation. This is why we are trying to give a transparent overview of what we can provide at the Camp so that people can realistically assess whether they will be fine there. The list here shows what we already have on the screen and what we care about.


If you have any other wishes that are important for you to feel comfortable at the Camp, please write to us. Maybe we just didn’t think of some things. It is important to us to consider the needs and well-being of everyone.


Allergies and dietary needs

At the camp we cook vegan food. If you have other allergies or needs (gluten, nuts, etc.), just contact us at the info tent. We will find a suitable solution with you and the kitchen team. During the camp there is also the possibility to cook self-organized in our outdoor kitchen – in the kitchen you can cook for 1-20 persons.


Physical barriers for wheelchair users

The train station Wolkersdorf can be reached from Vienna at ground level (or by elevator) with the S2. Boarding and alighting aids must be registered with ÖBB in advance, optimally 12 hours before the journey.

From Wolkersdorf railway station it is 2 km to the camp, the road is asphalted (mostly with pavement). If you need a car to drive you from the station to the camp, we can pick you up with a VW bus. The bus does not have an electric lifting ramp, only a manual one.

This year, the camp will have a wheelchair-friendly Öklo and a barrier-free outdoor shower. The camp itself will be built on meadows, which are partly flat, but sometimes also hilly. If the meadows become muddy, we can lay out straw. The meadows are connected by gravel roads, between the sleeping meadow and the camp meadow there are several hundred meters of distance (although the distance should not be an obstacle, we will surely find a solution).

We know that the local conditions are not ideal for wheelchair users and other people with restricted mobility. Please let us know what infrastructure you need from us, so that you still feel welcome and can move freely at the Climate Camp.


Arrival by wheelchair

It is possible to order trains with boarding and alighting assistance from ÖBB. If you would like us to do this for you, please let us know by e-mail at least 12 hours before your arrival. If you would like to order it yourself, you can use this online form: or call ÖBB at +43 (0)5 1717.


Visually impaired people

At the camp there are many tents, which are fixed with ropes and metal pegs in and on the ground – these are bad trip hazards. We will mark them with barrier tape to make them more visible. Other solutions have unfortunately not occurred to us so far, if you have an idea or a request, please contact us!


Deaf people

We are in contact with Austrian sign language interpreters who can accompany people on the camp. If you need an interpreter, please contact us so that we can plan this in advance.


Language barriers

There will be some people at the camp who will interpret essential event content as best they can from or into English and in certain cases into other languages as well. There are also workshops that will (optionally) be held in other languages than German. We have developed a special interpreting technique, which allows you to receive interpreted content on your smartphone via headphones. However, we will not be able to cover the full range of the camp program in more than one language. This means that we also depend on your help as a participant*in: If you know, for example, that a workshop is not held in a language that you can understand and/or speak, it may be helpful to let us know in advance.

For more information on interpreting needs, getting a potential interpreter yourself and any other questions on the subject, please contact us.


I cannot/do not want to sleep in a tent! Can I still stay overnight somewhere?

There can be different reasons why people can’t sleep in a tent. Please contact us, maybe we can find a solution with which you can still sleep at the Camp. There are also several hostels and other accommodation near the Camp where you can sleep. The train station Wien Meidling is also only an hour away from the camp with the S2, so maybe it is also a solution for you to sleep at home or with friends in Vienna.


Is alcohol or are other mind-altering drugs consumed at the Camp?

On some days at the camp some people drink alcohol and possibly consume other mind-altering drugs, on other days not. The days with alcohol are Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. The alcohol and drug-free days are: Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Also on the days with alcohol and other mind-altering drugs there will always be an area where no drugs are consumed and no people who have drunk alcohol or are otherwise intoxicated shall stay. The area will be at the back of the village square (= family meadow).

We see the Climate Camp as a political space and not as a festival, and therefore encourage all participants at all times to consume responsibly. There will be no hard alcohol at the bar, only beer and wine. If you feel uncomfortable in a situation, you can always contact the Care Team (see below!).


What do I do if I am harassed at the camp with racist/sexist/ableist/transphobic/homophobic/other idiotic behaviour?

Discriminatory or cross-border behaviour will not be tolerated at the Climate Camp. We hope that there will be none of such stupid situations at the camp. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that. If something happens, the care team is ready to talk.

If you have been in an unpleasant situation, you can always turn to the Care Team, which is recognizable by purple vests. The Care Team will be around at the campground or at the care tent. We also have a telephone number on which we are always available during the Camp: +43 (0) 66303327180.

We will try to listen to you, find out with you what you need and what can help you. We do nothing without you wanting it. If you have any further questions to the Care Team, please contact us in advance.


Where can I retreat at the Camp?

Next to your own tent, if you sleep at the camp, there is a care tent, which is quite calm and where people can stay. You can (hopefully we have good weather) also go down from the campground at any time. It’s nice and quiet around the camp, too 🙂


Where can I go if I suddenly feel psychologically/emotionally unwell?

There can be several reasons why you suddenly feel bad. You are always welcome to contact the Care Team if you want to talk to someone or if something bothers you. – That can be the contact with each other at the Camp, a bad feeling in the course of the action or something personal.

If you simply need a place to retreat, you can also come to the care tent. Here you will find comfortable seating, tea and information material. You do not have to explain yourself there. We will try to support you.


Can I get home quickly in case of emergency?

Wolkersdorf railway station is about 2 km from the camp. If you have to go home urgently, we will help you to get as far as Vienna. If you need an accompanying person, we will try to find one who will travel with you on the train to Vienna.