Our guidelines – Klimacamp

Our guidelines

The Climate Camp is a project and a place where the handling of money and the general understanding of work is questioned. We face many aspects of the current understanding, ideology and organization of work for money very critically. Money, and especially its unequal distribution, is at its root one of the most blatant injustices in the world. You can read more about this issue in our vision paper.

Nevertheless, money is a reality of life that we cannot and do not want to ignore because it is an important part of the world we live in. We don’t want to be driven and subverted by money, but see it as a tool and a means of creation we can actively shape. A climate camp also costs money and we want to use what we need as sensibly and responsibly as possible.

As a group we have decided from which sources we want to accept money and under which conditions. We have also decided to exclude certain sources of money on principle. It can be discussed, but we have tried to find a compromise between remaining true to our values and not selling ourselves for money to companies whose values do not match ours, while remaining pragmatic and using money as well as possible.

We are happy to take:

  • Contributions from camp participants
  • from student councils (Austrian Students’ Union = ÖH, degree course representatives, etc.)
  • from foundations
  • individual donations
  • donations by selling our materials
  • revenues from solidarity events

When it comes to parties, it becomes somewhat less clear and more subjective.
We only take money from parties if they:

  • … are not completely in opposition to our values.
  • … do not insist on their logo at the camp or on the website.
  • … do not want to distinguish themselves with us (e.g. want to have photos of us and the camp on their website).
  • … instead donate the money out of conviction and pure support for the camp.

Even with for-profit companies it is not easy for us to differentiate.
In principle what applies is the following:

  • We gladly accept financial donations if no service in return (such as advertising or visibility at the camp) is required.
  • We gladly accept donations in kind if logos do not have to be visible too distinctly and no additional advertising is required.
  • We do not want any commercial advertising at the camp or on our website.
  • Companies whose support we are particularly happy to receive are “transformative” companies
    • … who work on an environmental or socio-political issue in a convincing way
    • … whose mission includes transformative elements (e.g. shifting values from “private property” to “sharing”, alternative concepts of work, alternative leadership models, etc.).
    • … who deal openly and transparently with their goals and the achievement thereof.
  • We exclude big “bad boys” as supporters (e.g. OMV, Coca Cola, Bayer).
  • On this website we disclose 100% of who we receive financial and material support from. You can find the list of all our supporters here.