2020 – Klimacamp


When COVID-19 spread to Austria in March 2020, we at Klimacamp were almost certain we wouldn’t be able to host a camp this year. After we had to postpone the camp planned for June, we decided on a smaller edition: the Stadt(t)Klimacamp 2020.

Over the summer, we searched for spaces in Vienna, continued to fill the Summer School and workshop program, and were thus able to successfully hold the Stadt(t)Klimacamp from 31.08. to 05.09.2020 without COVID-19 case. A big street party on 02.09. showed again that Vienna needs more places for climate justice. More space for cyclists, more space for playing children and more public space for a more climate-friendly city.

So despite COVID-19, we still successfully ran a climate camp.


You can read a bit about 2020 here: