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Fischa floodplain occupation

The Climate Camp Near Vienna stands in solidarity with the occupation of the Fischa-Au in Lichtenwörth. The following appeal was published by the occupiers:

❗️ Stop the eastern bypass: The Fischa floodplain near Lichtenwörth/Vienna Neustadt is occupied ❗️

Lower Austria has the second largest per capita land sealing in the whole of Austria. Despite the climate crisis, the federal state remains true to this unsustainable course and continues to focus on major fossil fuel projects such as the “eastern bypass” in Wienr Neustadt. This means that precious arable land is being sealed and valuable nature such as the Fischa floodplain is being destroyed.

The first tree house is standing now: the Fischa floodplain is occupied! ✊🌳

The ruthless policies of the concrete faction Mikl-Leitner, Landbauer and Schneeberger have been causing resistance for years; initial work has already taken place, we are making it clear that there must be no further clearing and that our future is being driven against the wall!

Now we are fighting together with the local citizens’ initiative “Vernunft statt Ostumfahrung”, which has been resisting for years, and many other activists for the preservation of the Natura 2000 area and against the expropriation of farmers and the sealing of valuable farmland for a destructive expressway.

“We occupied to prevent the clearing. The fact that this road is to be built shows that the politicians have completely failed and that we have to act now,” says Ulli Eichhorn from the occupation, “We will stay here until it is clear that no more trees will be felled and no more fields will be sealed!”

The occupation tree house has been inaugurated, the construction trailer heated up and the KüFa set up, so come along and support the fight! The field is located on Kapellengasse between no. 24 & 26 in Lichtenwörth.

There are also regular meetings on site and climbing and building workshops depending on your needs.

We won’t let the future be obstructed by concrete projects that are long out of date. Let’s block the excavators together!

➡️ Come to the Fischa-Au and show your solidarity! Support the local resistance and the occupation on site. Climate protection is a hands-on job! ✊

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