Care and Awareness – Klimacamp

Care and Awareness

This text is still from 2021! We are currently (as of 13.05.) adapting the care and awareness concept and may make a few changes. If we don’t manage to update it in time, you can use this text from last year for orientation. You will get all further and current information at the info tent.

The emotional well-being of each and everyone of us is very important to us. Unfortunately, in our society emotions, worries and traumas are still seldom dealt with openly. At an event with so many people and so much hustle and bustle as at the Climate Camp it can get too much very easily.

In order to offer you support in such situations, we provide the following infrastructure:

  • Care team

A team of care people will be around at the Camp all the time. We are recognizable by purple warning vests. Moreover, you can also ask for contact information at the info tent. We are happy to be the contact persons to turn to for major or minor problems, worries or discomfort.

  • Care tent

The care tent is situated quietly and there is no program. It simply offers a cosy retreat. The tent is not constantly looked after by us, so if you are looking for a specific conversation, look for us, call us, or ask for us at the information tent.

  • Care phone

If you can’t find us, want to reach us from outside the Camp or don’t want to talk to us face to face, you can reach us anytime, day and night, via this number: 0043 663 033 27 180

  • Care for the action

On and around the action day there will be additional workshops and care spaces provided by “Kein Name aber Strukturen” (no name but structures).


If everything is getting too busy
It may happen to all of us that not everything is as it seems or as we would like it to be.
That can happen if we do not reach an agreement with ourselves.
That can happen if we get into troubles with the “blue ones”.
That can happen if we get angry facing racist, sexist or other stupid behaviour.

We think that it is better to talk about stuff before it gets too much. Instead of getting upset and emotionally exhausted, just talk to us and we will try to find a solution.

You can recognize us as we wear purple warning vests, call us (0043 663 033 27 180) or ask for us at the info tent.


You are not sure if your concern is “important” enough to talk about with the care team?
As soon as you think about willing to talk to us, it is a signal that you should do that! Go ahead, better once more often than once less!