Camp agreement – Klimacamp

Camp agreement

This is the camp agreement from 2021. There will be further reflection and discussion on some topics. This will probably result in one or the other new point. But much of it will probably remain as it was last year and is here. We are still (as of 13.05.) in the process of updating the camp agreement. If we don’t manage to do that, this version from 2021 will be used as orientation for the time being. You will find all the latest information on site at the camp.
Do you have any suggestions, ideas or wishes?  Then write to us at!

Our goal is that everyone at the Camp feels comfortable and safe. As we will be quite a lot of people at the Camp, we ask everyone to be attentive and take care of yourselves and each other. After all, we all want to have a good time together. Racism, right-wing extremism, sexism, homophobia or any other form of discrimination will not be tolerated. Refugees welcome. In general, we have trust in everyone to behave respectfully and autonomous. A few points are especially important for us as organizers, so we ask all participants to behave according to this Camp agreement:


Alcohol and other mind-altering drugs

We wish for a respectful and mindful handling of alcohol and other mind-altering drugs, so that all participants feel safe and comfortable. If you want to consume alcohol and other mind-altering drugs, please make sure that it is ok for the people around you. In case of doubt, check once again. The Camp is a self-organized political space and no festival. Furthermore, no alcohol and no mind-altering drugs should be consumed in the following areas; people who are already alcoholised or have consumed other mind-altering drugs should also no longer use them:

  • Childrens’ tent
  • Care tent
  • Drug-free sleeping area

Monday, Wednesday and Friday are completely alcohol-free and drug-free days. We ask you not to consume any alcohol and other mind-altering drugs on these days. No alcohol will be served at the bar.

The normalized handling of alcohol in our society was a subject of intense discussion in terms of the planning of the Climate Camp. The regulation now valid arose from our desire for responsible consumption as well as the need for intoxication-free rooms. There will also be open discussions and spaces to reflect on this issue. Further information will be available at the info & care tent.


Smoking of tobacco and other substances

We ask you to smoke only in the area that is marked for smoking. Please make sure that the remnants do not end up in the grass but in the garbage. We do not consider tobacco to be a mind-altering drug, but nevertheless invite you to spend the drug-free days (Mon, Wed, Fri) ‘tobacco-free’ or with low consumption.


Area for families and kids

We do not want to just send kids to an area where they are passive subjects to take care of. Instead, we believe that people of all ages can grasp content and contribute something meaningful. Therefore, we have a programme especially for kids every day, where our youngest can be an active part of the camp. In our so-called “Kinder- und Familienoase”, kids and their caregivers are always welcome.


“Keep your shirt on” policy

Let us live together with our chests covered and endure sweat in solidarity! The areas around the showers and signposted “learning rooms” will be excluded fromf this policy. “Keep your shirt on” means for us that everyone should at least wear tops or t-shirts. Sports bras and bikinis are no tops. Children do not need to adhere to this policy and breast feeding is allowed at the entire camping area.

Even if we try to get along for living the utopia, we do not act in a vacuum. As long as freedom is not for everybody, it is a privilege. And in order to reduce privileges, we have to make them visible and confront people. In our society being topless is mostly a privilege granted to Cis-men and people whose bodies conform to social ideals. To avoid the reproduction of patriarchal structures and other forms of social discrimination, we want to stand in solidarity with people who mostly do not see being topless as an option.



If you do not find any other option, you may bring your dog to the Camp but please be responsible for taking care of your animal friend. Consider that many people may be stressful for animals and respect that people at the Camp may be afraid of your dog and/or might speak to you about your dog’s behaviour. Of course, the dogs should not do their business on the camp site – please take that into account!



We see ourselves as an anti-capitalist camp and thereby a place where alternatives to the existing economic system are discussed and explored. Unfortunately, these alternatives are not applicable to the whole Camp, because the Camp is only an island within global capitalism and does not work in total independence from external structures. Like the Climate Camp, many left-wing structures also depend on money. At the Camp, we would like to create space to support those kinds of structures, e.g. solidarity campaigns, political groups, left-wing publishers and collectives. However, this should happen to a reasonable degree. We do not want to assume the character of a shopping centre or a promotion event. Commercial advertising and advertising by any political party are not welcome at the Camp.


Photos, Videos & Media

It is possible (for privates and Climate Camp photographers) to take videos and photos in the common areas of the Camp. In the sleeping areas it is not allowed to film or take pictures. If you do not want to be photographed or filmed at all (neither by private persons, nor by the Climate Camp team or other press photographers), you can get “no-photo” stickers at the info tent. Please attach the stickers clearly!

For media representatives: Please only work at the Camp (interviews, photos, etc.) after consultation with our press team. We therefore ask journalists to contact the press tent in advance or when they arrive at the Camp. We will brief you then.

This regulation exists, because we would like to create a space in which on the one hand impressions can be captured in the form of photos and videos, on the other hand everyone can enjoy their privacy and be certain of a protected environment. We are aware of this topic to be a very sensitive one. So if you (journalists and content creators) notice anything or have any questions, please contact us directly!



In order for everyone to feel comfortable, not only on the 1st day, it is important that we all take care of hygienic conditions; because we will not save the world with the gastrointestinal virus.

Hence, please wash your hands thoroughly with soap and use the disinfectant:

  • always after going to the toilet or urinal
  • before meals
  • before helping in the kitchen (slicing, washing-up, serving food, …)

If you get sick with gastrointestinal diseases, please contact the info tent so that we have a chance to contain the spread of the infection.