Our Team – Klimacamp

Our Team

We are 40 persons.
We are between 18 and 36 years old.
We are children and parents (we are still looking for grandparents 😉 ).
We are students, wage-laborless or wage-laborers.
We are active with System Change, not Climate Change, minimal.is.muss, Ende Gelände, Fridays for Future, Students for Future, Partycipation, Periskop, Radix, Ouvertura, student unions, bands….
We have been active in the Climate Justice movement for years and we are engaging with political activity for the first time.

Due to numerous “How-to-Klimacamp” workshops and many, many e-mails, our team has grown to 70 persons. We are trying to be as diverse as possible in order to gain input from different perspectives and broaden our own way of thinking.
Sometimes this is challenging, but it is always enriching.