Program Klimacampchen 2023 – Klimacamp

Program Klimacampchen 2023

The Klimacampchen (climate campy) is a workshop weekend from March 3rd to 5th 2023. It starts on Friday at 15:00 and will take place at the cultural center 4lthangrund. It is not a classical camp, i.e. overnight accommodations are not provided. But there will be lunch and dinner (vegan/freegan) on a free donation basis.

You can find the program (incl. evening and social program) here

Registration: In order to be able to plan better we ask for a registration (important especially if you need childcare, barrier-free access or translation)

Hard Facts:

Venue: Cultural Center 4lthangrund, Augasse 2-6, A-1090 Vienna
Start: Friday, March 3, 15:30, first workshops from 16:00
End: Sunday, March 5, later in the afternoon

Access is unfortunately not completely barrier-free, but in principle step-free access is also possible

Child care

Childcare is available after registration (until 2.3.)


Whispered translation from German to English or English to German is offered after registration (until 2.3.)

Would you like to help? We are still looking for helping hands!

Would you also like to contribute to making the climate camp a great weekend? As a helping hand you can support us in many ways (set-up, dismantling, kitchen help, transport, workshop speakers, distributing information, …). If you are interested, please sign up here at the Helping Hands registration and we will get in touch. If you would like to join the climate camp team and help organize the climate camp in June, then being a Helping Hand is a perfect opportunity to get a taste of what it’s like.