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become part of the movement

Get active!

You want to help organize the Klimacamp 2024? Then you’ve come to the right place. You can join one of our introductory workshops or contact us directly


Upcoming introductory workshops:

  • At the moment no further introductory workshop is planned

At the introductory workshop you will learn what we have done so far, how we are organized and how you can become active with us.


How are we organized?

Most of the work is done by working groups. As of now these are as follows:

Program: Prepare the program (i.e. workshops, discussions, film screenings. etc.) of the camp.

Infrastructure: Prepare all the tangible things for the camp (like tents, benches, tables, electricity, water supply, …)

Public Relations: Takes care of our Social Media presence, designs posters, flyers and stickers and whatever else comes up

Life at the Camp: Organizes anything camp-related that is not already covered by program & infrastructure (awareness, childcare, helping hands, schedule, …).

Action support: plans the action day of the camp

Finance/Law: Takes care of book keeping, grant applications and legal matters

Process & Transformation: prepares meetings, organizes workshops & discussion rounds and tries to keep track of what happens in the working groups and the whole group in general


Many of us are in multiple working groups – depending on our personal interests. The amount of work for each working group also varies greatly with each month. In the beginning, many working groups have less to do, but the more it goes towards the camp (which usually takes place in May or June), the more intensive it often becomes.