Camp Agreement 2022 – Klimacamp

Camp Agreement 2022

The camp agreement of the climate camp connects to the Grätzlkonsens of the Lobau-Camp.

“Oben-Mit” Rule

Let’s live “oben mit” and sweat together in solidarity! Why? Nudity is unfortunately a privilege for men*. For women* or people whose bodies do not conform to the common beauty and gender norms, it is also a social taboo. Moreover, naked upper bodies can trigger memories of experiences of violence. We see it as the task of the climate camp to create a safe space for everyone and therefore call on people to keep their robes on.

Alcohol & other mind-altering drugs:

In agreement with Lobau Camp, the consumption of alcohol and other mind-altering drugs is not allowed during the climate camp.

Photos, videos & press:

In general, there is a ban on filming and photography at the camp to protect people. An exception is the PR team of the climate camp, which will be marked accordingly. If you don’t want to be photographed or filmed at all, you can get No-Photo-Stickers in the info tent. Please stick them on clearly visible!

Press representatives should contact the PR team of the Climate Camp for film/photo material (best to ask at the info tent or write directly to: ).

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