Donate materials – Klimacamp

Donate materials

In order to provide the necessary infrastructure at the Climate Camp and to create a space for exchange, joint learning and living alternatives, we need some material. Amongst others, with the following things you could help us to create a great climate camp. If you have things to offer and would like to donate or lend them to us, please contact our working group Hardware.

– Pavilions and large tents
– load wheels
– pallets
– timber & firewood
– nails and screws
– tool
– solar collectors (electricity/water)
– car and truck batteries (lead gel/AGM – 12V/24V )
– chargers/charge controllers
– tarpaulins
– cable reels & extension cables
– multiple plug sockets
– walls & whiteboards
– chairs & tables
– shelves
– light-tight boxes
– soap, disinfectants & cleaning agents
– toilet paper