The Process – Klimacamp

The Process

The organization process of this year’s Climate Camp is designed to focus on group dynamics and the transfer of knowledge. The goal was to make the Camp as attractive as possible for new target groups in order to achieve a high level of interdisciplinarity and diversity and to promote an emancipatory discourse. Those participating in the organization, most of whom are young people, can seize this opportunity to identify, expand and share their set of skills.

For this year’s Camp, we have created a whole new structure of organization. As the entire project is a learning process for everybody involved, no matter if they are new to the movement or have been active for a long time, we are still experimenting with our structures and processes.

Some of us invest one hour per week into the project, others more than a day, but all contributions are important and valuable. As a consequence, however, one of our major challenges is to sidestep potential problems created by those hierarchies of knowledge and goal-orientation in our, apart from that, egalitarian organization.

Our organization is structured into more than 20 working groups. Those working groups take responsibility over planning and realizing the tasks of their respective areas. They are divided into four domains:

  • Hardware (“Infrastructure”, Camping ground, provisions, etc.)
  • Software (“Services” for the Camp like PR, translation, mobilization, care, etc.)
  • Content (“Content management”, i.e. creating workshop, kids’ and cultural program, overseeing the Grätzl and diversity, etc.)
  • Process Team (Responsible for the process at large, keeps an eye on the bigger picture. Its goal is to create a supporting framework for the working groups. Furthermore, the Process Team is responsible for the cooperation with other movements, as well as organizing special projects like training workshops or parties.)