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Donations for the climate camp

Let’s talk about money! We are dependent on donations from private individuals and funding from associations. A climate camp costs around EUR 15,000 and we will find out in the next few weeks whether we will come out of the last camp with a loss or not, as soon as all the funding has been processed. What we already know, however, is that we definitely need your donations for the Climate Camp 2024!

Whether you pay 5€ for a meal or finance a workshop with 50€, we are happy about every contribution. Because it was only with your donations that we could organize the Climate Camp 2023!

Our bank details:

Name: Verein zur Umsetzung von Klimacamps in Österreich (VUKÖ)
IBAN: AT87 3412 9000 0025 0548

Or simply click on the image below and you will be linked to the donation form. Many thanks to all donors!