What is a Climate Camp? – Klimacamp

What is a Climate Camp?

Climate Camps are at the heart of the Climate Justice movement. They are places for networking, exchange and education between different political and social groups who speak up for environmental sustainability and social justice. Further, they are places to try out alternative ways of living in contrast to the capitalist and democratically eroded society we live in, and places to give emphasis to our protests through direct actions and civil disobedience.
Our goal is a good life for all within the planetary boundaries. This can only be achieved via a radical systemic change!

Climate Camps consist of 4 pillars:

  • Education
  • Networking
  • Alternative Ways of Living
  • Direct Action

Imagine it the following way:

A large meadow with many tents. Community kitchen, workshops, music, good atmosphere and animated discussions.

A place of inspiration and political action!