Culture Call for the Climate Camp near Vienna 2019 – Klimacamp

Culture Call for the Climate Camp near Vienna 2019

Dear artists and musicians, watch out!

The planning process for the Climate Camp 2019 is already in full swing!

This summer, we want to live our utopia of a world of climate justice and solidarity. For seven days, we want to create a space for encounters, discussions and exchange (of knowledge) in order to let our visions come to life. A place for people who wish for change like you and me.

What shouldn’t be missing besides interesting and inspiring workshops and discussions?
A really nice cultural program!

With the help of creative, musical and funny performances, we are convinced that there will be a great evening program that let us come together and bring the day to a close, so that we can start the next one highly motivated.

That’s where you come in – with your instrument, your wit, your special talent or your message you want to share on our small but lovely stage. It doesn’t matter if you sing, dance, perform on stage with your band, are a DJ, do poetry slamming, beatboxing, write cabarets, stories, your dog can do fancy tricks or if you have any other cool ideas you want to share on the Climate Camp stage, write us an e-mail:

About you

About your workshop

We will contact you at the end of march about the details.