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Generation Change (Film)

Hi, my name is Sarah. I am a climate activist and truth be told, I am on the edge of quitting. For the past couple of years I have been protesting for climate justice, for our future, for a livable planet. Still it feels like barely anything changed. Each year we emmit more CO2 into the athmosphere than the year before, one heatwave follows the next. Renewable energies, traffic transition, zero-emissons, green deal, all oft hat are just empty promises. Instead new coal-fired power plants are put into operation and in Vienna they are even planning to build an new 3-row highway. You can't be serious?! I start a jouney by train across Europe, from Poland to Portugal, where I take you to places where climate change is already apparent. Floods, wildfires and tornados – these are all climate change impacts I got to experice within just one summer – within one continent. I asked scientists what we can do to prevent this from happeningdenn. Some answers gave very little reason for hope. However, troughout my journed I met people with real solutions as well. Young people with incredible ideas, that actually make me believe that we can still save the world if we work together. People that keep me and probably even you from quitting. Generation Change – a rail-movie between crisis and hope, between problem and solution.