Lobau – was bleibt? – Klimacamp

Lobau – was bleibt?

With this workshop we want to encourage participants to look back on what happened since August 2021 in Hirschstetten, Vienna. We want to use TO (Theater of the oppressed) methods to work on the experiences of the participants and to share stories and strong and important moments in the #lobaubleibt activities. In a playful way we will reflect on the roll of the movement that evolved out of the occupation of the construction site. In a second step we will focus on the present situation and the needs and dreams of the participants in connection with the place of the construction site and the environment to ask the question what stays of the movement. What do the people that joined the movement need to stay in the movement? How can we support each other? What is the function of movements like #lobaubleibt or similar movements that evolved in the last decade? How the participants are connected to them and how does society profit of them? We will use different methods to work on these issues e. g. “image theater” and “cops in the head” to work on these issues. The workshop is planned to last between 3 and 4 hours. It is an explorative workshop that doesn’t have the goal to produce a performance.