young & active for climate justice – Klimacamp

young & active for climate justice

This 2-day summer school is aimed at 12 to 18-year-olds and is run by activists from Fridays for Future.

We want to learn, discuss, question and reflect with you what the climate crisis means and how we can demand climate justice. Whether at home, at school, with friends or on the internet. The climate crisis is everywhere and only together we can make it clear that it is high time for comprehensive changes.

On day 1 we will discuss the climate crisis and climate justice in its different dimensions. There are many interrelationships that one does not suspect at first glance. Political, economic and social. In addition, the consequences are very comprehensive and affect people, animals, ecosystems and much more.
On day 2 we would like to form small groups, each of which will focus on one dimension of the climate crisis. We would like to explore the systemic disparities and injustices and identify responsibilities that go beyond the individual. We also want to explore ways in which young people (you) can actively stand up for climate justice. Where can you become active and how? What does it take? How can I also create a balance between activism and everyday life?

In summary, we would like to discuss the climate crisis, work out grievances, discuss the importance of (young) activism and also reflect on how each and every individual can best deal with it.