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In the afternoons there will be avariety of different workshops.

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Monday, August 31st


**** Air traffic and resistance to it ****

From: Stay Grounded
Where: Vienna, tba
When: 13:00 – 16:00

The Corona crisis has brought air traffic to the ground for a short time. Nevertheless, the aviation industry wants to continue to grow. What happens now with Austria’s most climate-damaging infrastructure project – the planned third runway at Vienna International Airport? What other inspiring examples can be found in the movement for less air traffic? We will discuss next steps and give you an insight into the activities of the “Third Runway” working group of System Change, not Climate Change!


**** Right Ecology. Environmental protection between emancipation and fascism ****


From: Autonomous Antifa
Where: Vienna, tba
When: 13:00 – 16:00

Contrary to the widespread belief that the extreme right is completely on the side of climate change deniers, there is a not to be underestimated number of extreme right-wing groups and individuals who see themselves as part of a national environmental movement. And yet they can look back on a long history, when it was precisely conservative to fascist currents that have historically left their mark on the nature conservation movement. The danger of these right-wing extremist positions is above all that they find ideological starting points in people who would never understand themselves as right-wing. The lecture will focus on the central argumentation patterns of the extreme right with regard to ecology, environment and climate protection in order to expose inhuman positions as such and to be able to take more decisive action against them.



**** MILA – Join-in Supermarket ****


From: MILA – Join in supermarket
Where: Vienna, tba
When: 13:00 – 15:30

MILA – Mitmach Supermarket offers good and cheap food for members who work, own and design together. MILA will offer the full assortment of a supermarket. In addition to organic, regional and hand-made food, products that can be found in traditional supermarkets will also be sold. What counts are the price and taste of the products, as well as respectful relationships with producers, working conditions, regionality, impact on the natural environment and animal welfare. MILA will be organised as a cooperative and will be based in Vienna.


**** Political economy for climate activists ****


From: attac
Where: Vienna, tba
When: 13:00 – 15:30

We all know: Our way of life and our economy are closely linked to the climate crisis. But what is our way of doing business? How did capitalism emerge historically and what role did fossil fuels play in it? How does the internal logic of capitalism work? What drives its development? How are economic interests organized in our society? And what does all this mean for the fight for climate justice?

In the workshop we will present central concepts of critical political economy and discuss their significance for the climate justice movement.

Lisa Mittendrein is a socioeconomist and works at Attac on European economic policy and financial markets.
Martin Konecny is a political scientist and works on international trade and investment policy at the Seattle2Brussels network. Both are editors at


Tuesday, September 1st



**** Critical Masculinity (for all genders) ****


From: Simon
Where: Vienna, tba
When: 15:30 – 19:00

Patriarchal gender relations permeate all areas of society and do not stop at leftist and emancipatory movements. In order to change this, a critical examination of masculinity is important. The workshop will first give some input on masculinity in the context of patriarchal gender relations. Afterwards there will be space for all participants to critically examine their own personal and political environment with regard to the construction of masculinity and gender. Starting from there, we will try to find strategies together to criticize, attack and change male dominance and patriarchal relations individually, collectively and politically.



**** Corona crisis – economic crisis : Starting points for the climate justice movement ****


By: Iris Frey, attac
Where: Vienna, tba
When: 15:30 – 18:30

The economic impact of the Corona pandemic is still difficult to assess. While experts are still arguing about how many percentage points the global