What’s easier to train: a cat or a human? – Klimacamp

What’s easier to train: a cat or a human?

The Lecture-performance explores the ethical paradoxes that were encountered when raising cats. A backyard ecosystem, cat food packaging and artefacts of pet culture become cues to trigger stories. The existing categorizations of animals and humans, and how these shape the inherent value, function and freedom onto those within such labels will be put into question. Participants will be asked to reflect on their entanglement in food consumption and the stickyness of trying to be an ethical participant in a modern food system ecology. Rosie’s goal is to share, in an experimental way, exerpts of the on-site artistic research and interviews she conducted with alternative food production and living together projects such as vegan agriculture, forest gardening and animal sanctuary. !! [REGISTRATION: https://survey.klimacamp.at/index.php/945147?lang=en ] !!! [Format: Lecture Performance]