Science meets Art discussing climate justice and inequalities – Klimacamp

Science meets Art discussing climate justice and inequalities

In this workshop, we want to bring together multiple perspectives on global climate justice, in particular those of some scientists, artists, and any participant. Climate justice has to do with the inequalities in historic responsibility (who did or does emit the most GHG), different climate change impacts, the capacity to adapt, current existing inequalities, and commitment in climate mitigation. We invite scientists working on climate change policy analysis to explain how they approach these topics. However, we challenge and integrate the visions of the scientists with the contribution of artists working on similar topics in their life. The audience will also play an active role in the discussion, questioning concepts and sharing their feelings. The workshop environment is supposed to stimulate creativity and out-of-the-box thinking! The participants can bring what stimulates their creativity or their favorite means of expression, to actively contribute to our exchange.