Radical Resilience – FIlm screening and discussion – Klimacamp

Radical Resilience – FIlm screening and discussion

Radical Resilience is a film for anyone involved in social or environmental change, that aims to spread awareness and encourage discussion about the effects of burnout within our movements, both individually and collectively. How sustainable are our movements? Do we gain strength from our activism or does it burn us out? Are our group dynamics supportive or are they sometimes draining? How do mechanisms of oppression and privilege play into it all? And how can we improve things and move towards a more caring, inclusive and resilient form of activism?? These are some of the questions explored through interviews in the film. After the film screening there will be space to talk about the themes from the film. !! [REGISTRATION: https://survey.klimacamp.at/index.php/945147?lang=en ] !!!