CANCELED: Disrupting the gendered order – Klimacamp

CANCELED: Disrupting the gendered order

As a part of its feminist movement, Vienna has been providing formal platforms for women to integrate their perspectives in the city's development for over 30 years. Does this make it a fully equitable city with discrimination due to gender and identity abandoned in the past? Of course not, and this lecture workshop will unravel new ways for moving beyond the man-architect’s point of view which persisted for centuries, by embracing informality and unorthodox ways of dialogue. Vienna’s top-down planning leaves little space for informal strategies and hence, abandons the voices of under-represented people, particularly within immigrant communities of Vienna’s outer districts. For instance, women and girls are still less likely than men to simply ‘be’ in public spaces. With the knowledge of the context, the participants will contribute their own points of view to the discussion through drawing, ideas, and a role-playing game designed to embrace the multiplicity of perspectives.