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Decolonize Conservation – Landgrabbing in the name of conservation

// Decolonize Conservation! What colonialism has to do with nature conservation and which effects racist structures still have in international nature conservation today, we want to work out together with you. Instead of continuing to design protected areas on the drawing board in Europe's capitals, we want to let indigenous conservationists speak and discuss with you how climate justice and conservation can go hand in hand with human rights. We will critically engage with major conservation organizations like WWF, talk about militarization of conservation, and analyze colonial patterns in conservation through examples. // The aim of the workshop is to understand the connection between colonialism and nature conservation, as well as to hear indigenous voices on the topic by means of case studies. Thereby a critical examination of existing concepts of nature conservation from a human rights perspective will take place and at the same time the question will be asked how climate justice can be lived globally. !! [REGISTRATION: ] !!!