Cumbia Queer Sonidera Mexico city style – Klimacamp

Cumbia Queer Sonidera Mexico city style

One of the peculiarities of these "sonideros" is the tolerance and respect between generations as well as sexual preferences, with the LGBTQ+ community being an essential part of the events. In a sonidero, children dance with adults as well as people of the same sex with each other, without prejudice, where the most important thing is the best dance steps, leading and being led, and of course the music and the "DJ" who uses a microphone to greet people who ask for it. The topics of this workshop are: Community practices, street appropriation Interseccionality, Global South, right to the city. From this cultural street manifestation we will learn its basic steps and we will perform a small sequence to the rhythm of Cumbia Sonidera, and we will open a conversation about how to generate this kind of spaces in Vienna. [Format: Dance]