ATLAS – Gravity Strike Workshop – Klimacamp

ATLAS – Gravity Strike Workshop

ATLAS - a project between activism, intervention and (clown) performance. In the center: the trash cans of a city. The goal: communication, encounter, discussion with people in public space. A clash of artistic action and social politics. The theme of ATLAS is the ecological, social and political crisis related to man-made global warming. We offer a colorful toolbox of performative and activist exercises with which you can develop your own characters and bring them to life. Your clown is as individual as you are. No limits set, every prejudice (red nose, crass hairstyle, huge shoes) overthrown. ATLAS calls for the celebration of imagination, the Gravity Strike! Be there and get involved. Theater or performance experience is NOT a requirement, not at all. Any age group encouraged. !! [REGISTRATION:] !!!