Translation/Übersetzung – Klimacamp


You don‘t speak German and want to attend workshops at Climate Camp Vienna?
You have two options:

  1. Check out the list of workshops here: and use control + F to look for workshops in „English“
  2. If the workshop that really interests you is in German only, you can go to the info-tent right before the Workshop and tell them which workshop you would like to have translated. We have a semi-professional team of translators ready to help you (Most people around the camp will speak well enough English. Group work in workshops may well be in English spontaneously, however, we do not want to ask facilitators to do their inputs in English, if they do not feel comfortable doing so). Some workshops are bilingual, those are marked as “Deutsch / English” meaning you most probably don’t require translation to participate

If you need any assistance, you can go to the info tent or call the info-number any time: +43 (0)670 404 35 77