Anti-Racist and anti-colonial history – Klimacamp

Anti-Racist and anti-colonial history

Datum: Monday, 24th – Thursday 27th May

Zeit: 17:00 – 19:30

Referent*innen: Lia & Mariama

Sprache: English & Deutsch

Ort: Zoom

This workshop focuses on what has been the history of more than 500 years of oppression and exploitation developed due to the colonial capitalist system which still replicates today giving as a result what we call the „Climate Change“. Beginning with the slave trade into the present system of extractivism and looting, we revise how the history of colonialism has marked every single aspect of our life as modern subjects.

This workshop also gives space to think and share together what are our daily practices of action against this panorama of death, as well as putting an eye on our privilege as activists living in Central Europe. We analyse the possibilities of developing a supportive activism that goes alone with the ones putting their bodies in the Rest of the world.

Lia is a Caribbean migrant, editor, and artist. Through all her work she emphasizes the importance of a political conscience against racism, colonialism, imperialism, and capitalism. As well as the necesity of a resistance by joy, earth, spirituality, and collective work.
Mariama. Migrantin, Aktivistin und Panafrikaniste. Sie wurde in Kamsar Guinea-Westafrika, in einem Land im Herzen Afrikas geboren. Sie gehört zur neuen Generation der Frauen, die sich mit der postkolonialen afrikanischen Geschichte von Unterdrückung und Ausbeutung beschäftige.