Summer School 2021 – Klimacamp

Summer School 2021

The Summer School courses enable a permanent group to deal with a topic in depth for four half days. In this way, we want to enable an intensive and sustainable discussion of the content and networking of our struggles for a necessary system change. The courses will be conducted in different languages and, due to the Corona situation, will be as decentralised and outdoor as possible. Some Summer School courses will also take place online.


▶️▶️ German version ◀️◀️

▶️▶️ English version ◀️◀️

Each Summer School has space for approximately 8-20 participants. Registration is on a first come, first served basis. In order to allow for a diversity of participants, we especially want to encourage people with experiences of discrimination (such as BI_POC, LGBTQI, migrants, single parents, workers and people from smallholder families) to register and prioritize you in the allocation of places if necessary.


The courses take place at different times on different dates, so a combination of two courses is, in some cases, possible. Here you can see an overview of the courses available in English and times they take places:


For a radical system change we need everyone! Being a parent should not exclude anyone from getting/staying politically educated or active. Therefore, we offer childcare during the course times. Please let us know when you register, if you want to take advantage of this.

Course fee:

The organization team of the climate camp works on a purely voluntary basis. We finance the camp from donations, contributions and grants. However, the speakers are paid for their work (at least with an expense allowance). We ask you to contribute according to your own financial means:

    • €20
    • €40
    • If this is still not feasible for you, please write to us and we will find a solution. Money should not prevent anyone from participating!
    • However, if you can afford to pay the 60 euro contribution, you are helping to finance the participation of others

Programme in Englisch

These additional courses are only provided in German:

Alternative program:

You don’t have so much time? No problem! In addition to the Summer School, there will be 3-hour workshops and other forms of programme throughout the week. The programme for the Climate Camp 2021 will be published on 12 April 2021. So you have to be patient a little longer.

Financial support:

EU Projekt: system:reset and Global 2000.