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Sonntag - 23 Mai 2021


23.05.2021 10:00
The 6th climate camp is set up! We are still looking for support here. Come by and help us build the infrastructure for the week! Feel free to contact
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Montag - 24 Mai 2021

ATLAS – Gravity Strike Workshop

24.05.2021 10:00
ATLAS - a project between activism, intervention and (clown) performance. In the center: the trash cans of a city.
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Community Organizing Workshop

24.05.2021 10:15
What is community organizing? Which are the key terms one should know? What are the basic components/practices of it?
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Vision Gallery

24.05.2021 15:15
If you could use a magic wand to transform the cityscape and your everyday life in the city, what would you conjure up?
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Radical Resilience – FIlm screening and discussion

24.05.2021 19:30
Radical Resilience is a film for anyone involved in social or environmental movements that aims to raise awareness and stimulate discussion about activist burnout.
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Dienstag - 25 Mai 2021

Swimming is Winning – Donaukanal/Danube canal

25.05.2021 10:00
Swimming in urban waters has been on everyone's lips for a few years now. We want to connect the dots; from the history of wet civil disobedience, to the appropriation of public (water) space, to our experiences with the Donaukanal swimming club.
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Decolonize Conservation – Landgrabbing in the name of conservation

25.05.2021 15:00
Decolonize Conservation! What colonialism has to do with nature conservation and which effects racist structures still have in international nature conservation today, we want to work out together with you.
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Climate Law Suits as example for “fundamental right to a clean environment”

25.05.2021 15:15
Lecture on fundamental rights, their individual enforceability and some climate law suits in Europe. Discussion about law as a means of protecting the climate.
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