Program Overview 2022 – Klimacamp

Program Overview 2022

Welcome to the program at Climate Camp 2022

In the week from 22. to 29.05. numerous workshops and summer schools will take place at the Lobau-Camp. On this page we want to give you a bit of an overview.

Workshop and evening program at the climate camp

The workshops usually last three hours. This year’s program is again colorful: with workshops on industrial agriculture, sustainable activism, organizing, masculinity, stories from the Lobau, FLINTA* empowerment, climate justice, and much more. Just check out the program here!
Workshops with descriptions in English will also be held in English. We can also provide translation for workhops which will be facilitated. You can find information on the translation here.

Unfortunately the english version of our program site is not working and we did not have the time to fix it. So please just check out the german version of the site, where you’ll also find all workshops that are available in English.

If you want to come spontaneously and don’t know where your workshop will take place, just come to the info tent (or call us at camp phone at +43 670 404 35 77).

Tip: You want to remember or compile the workshops? Then just share them with yourself and your friends via WhatsApp, Telegram, etc.! Or just download a program overview here.

Summer Schools

There are also the Summer Schools:
A Summer School consists of a fixed group that deals intensively with one topic over four half-days.

At the climate camp in the Lobau there are three Summer Schools this year: Degrowth, Common Ecologies und Permaculture!

Important: Registration! The Summer Schools should be attended by fixed groups, so please registe.  Just have a look at the program and register!