Program Overview – Klimacamp

Program Overview

Welcome to the program at the Climate Camp 2021!

In the week from 23. to 30.05. numerous workshops, summer schools and evening programs will take place. On this page we want to give you a bit of an overview.

Summer Schools

On the one hand there are the Summer Schools:
A Summer School consists of a fixed group, which deals intensively with one topic in four half-days. Some of the ten Summer Schools take place online, but some are also held at the Climate Camp itself. When attending the camp, please also take note of our COVID measures and get tested before your visit. Then you can start with a Summer School on anti-racism and anti-colonial historiography, on queer feminism, on animal-friendly chicken farming, on action climbing, on revolutionary solidarity communities
or on sustainable activism, and much more. Just check out the program here and register!

Workshop and evening program at the climate camp

Then there are the workshops and the evening program at the climate camp:
The workshops last between 1 hour and up to 3 hours. This year’s program is again a colorful mix. Whether on female rage, community organizing, critical masculinity, bicycle self-help, legal aid, queer feminism, climate justice, animal liberation, and much more. Just have a look at the program here!

In the description you will also find the activity levels sandbox and deckchair.

  • Deckchair: This workshop is rather input-heavy. As a participant you can lean back and are not asked to interact. If you are, it will be in the form of quizzes, individual exercises and possible sharing of thoughts or results.
  • Sandbox: Here you are activated as a participant, work more in small groups and can actively contribute there. With other participants you generate content and get tasks rather than input.

We ask for a timely registration for the workshops under this link: . This way we can better estimate how many people will come and if we have to change rooms to keep safety distances. On the other hand, it allows us to send you information about the event locations. If you register, you will have a fixed place in the workshop. You are also welcome to come to the Climate Camp before the workshop starts. Due to the COVID-19 protection concept, the admission might be delayed a bit.

If you want to come spontaneously and don’t know where your workshop will take place, please call us at camp phone +43 670 404 35 77.

Tip: You want to remember or compile the workshops? Then just share them with yourself and your friends via WhatsApp, Telegram, etc.!

You don‘t speak German and want to attend workshops at Climate Camp Vienna? You have two options:

  1. Check out the list of workshops here: and use controll + F to look for workshops in „English“
  2. If the workshop that really interest you are in german only, come to the info-point and „pick-up“ a translator to take along to the workshop.
    (Most people around the camp will speak well enough English. Group work in workshops may well be in English spontanously, however, we do not want to ask facilitators to do their inputs in English, if they do not feel comfortable doing so.

If you need any assistance, you can call the info-numer any time: +43 (0)670 404 35 77

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, attending the Climate Camp this year is a bit more costly than usual. However, this program is well worth the effort. As a team, we are already looking forward to welcoming you at the Climate Camp 2021!