Klimacamp 2023 – Call for Workshops – Klimacamp

Klimacamp 2023 – Call for Workshops

This year’s Klimacamp (climate camp) will take place from June 4th to June 11th 2023 in Lichtenwörth near Wiener Neustadt to support the protests against the planned highway “Ostumfahrung”. Like every year it will include different formats to collectively exchange, network and question the prevailing unsocial and climate-damaging structures. Therefore we are looking for your ideas for workshops, lectures and the like. Possible topics are:

  • Climate justice
    Global climate justice, extractivism, North-South-Divide
  • Transformation of mobility
    Car-free cities, urban planning, public transport, people-friendly living spaces
  • Social justice in the energy crisis
    Energy justice, actors and profiting companies, wealth redistribution, alternative energy distribution.
  • Identifying blind spots
    Racism in the climate movement, queer feminist perspectives, post-colonial structures, privilege in labor.
  • Challenging false solutions
    Greenwashing, Green New Deal, government solution concepts, tribal debates.
  • Alternative visions and theories
    Degrowth, Commonism, Sociocracy,
  • Emotional sustainability
    From climate anxiety to climate rage, roundtables.
  • DIY and activism
    Community farming, community groups, dumpsters, bike repair, guerrilla gardening
  • Well-being and movement
    Yoga, meditation, planning games

These are just a few suggestions for workshops. We are open to other formats, topics and ideas. We reject conspiracy theories and discriminating content.

We especially want to encourage people who are exposed to social discrimination (e.g. FLINTA* persons¹, BIPoC2, migrants, and persons with disabilities) to submit a workshop.

English and German are the camp languages, but we also welcome submissions in other languages. Please discuss this with us well in advance so that we can organize a translation if necessary.

Please submit your workshop until March 31st 2023 here.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us: programm [at] klimacamp.at

¹ FLINTA* refers to female, lesbian, intersexual, nonbinary, trans und a-gender persons.

2 BIPoC refers to black, indigenous, and other people of color who are exposed to racist discrimination.