Grätzl (Barrios) – Klimacamp

Grätzl (Barrios)

The Climate Camp near Vienna aims to create a space where activists from different movements can meet and exchange ideas in order to gain insight into emancipatory politics through different lenses and to foster a feeling of collective empowerment. This ideal of bringing together different perspectives will be expressed at the campsite in the form of so-called Grätzl. The term Grätzl is used in Vienna to identify different neighborhoods with a distinct cultural identity, similar to barrios in hispanophone metropoles. On the Climate Camp, the Grätzl will be areas occupied by different organizations and movements, where they can organize their own program, create workshops or provide spaces for discussions and the exchange of ideas.

Climate justice is a movement at the intersection of a wide variety of social and political issues. As such, the underlying structures causing the current climate crisis are also the cause of many other vectors of oppression. Therefore, we want to provide an opportunity to learn from each other in order to fight for a good life for all together. By drawing from the wealth of experience and knowledge present in anti-racist, queer-feminist or globalization-critical groups we want to diversify the discourse around climate justice so as to avoid blind spots in the climate justice movement. Thus, the role of the Grätzl will be to provide an opportunity to network as well as to showcase how multifaceted the resistance and alternatives are.

The following Grätzl will be present: