#FarmersForFuture – Klimacamp


Action and demonstration – Space for alternatives instead of a good climate for corporations!
The climate crisis clearly shows that things cannot go on like this!
On the occasion of the “Action Day for Climate Justice” and the “World Milk Day” we want to show what we believe would mean crucial progress: Instead of creating an ever better climate for corporations, we finally need space for alternatives! The concentration of power permeates all important areas of our agricultural and food system – whether milk, meat, seeds, animal breeding, fertilizers, digitization, pesticides, machinery or in trade. This concentration of power is not good for a good climate for all. By global players an agricultural and food system is promoted that is going in the wrong direction. Living in times of the climate crisis, we do not want depend on these players. Furthermore, corporations with special rights of action in trade and investment agreements (ISDS) can undermine regulations to protect the environment and climate.


Therefore we are demanding space for alternatives – finally!
These must be democratic. That is what we want to express in this action and what we call participation for!

Come and join in!