Families and kids – Klimacamp

Families and kids

The Climate Camp goes family!

The kids are our future!

We as a Climate Camp believe it is important to create a safe space for families on our Camp. A space of discussion and mutual respect, a space where we can learn from the future generation. A space where children can experience themselves and parents can be more than just parents.

To create this space, various individuals have formed the group “Kinder- und Familienoase”.
We have parents in our team who can teach us about the experience of being a family from an activist point of view. In the following you will find a short overview of our program and activities for parents and kids.


  • There will be three meals a day provided by the kitchen collective “Minimal.is.muss” together with activists in the main area.
  • We have planned a special family day with extra program on Thursday 30th (holiday).
  • Extra family campsite to start and end the day together. There will be a “village square” with a campfire, snack-station, bathroom, shadow, electricity and constant water.
  • “Kinder- und Familienoase”:
    • is a separate space in the main where we will provide childcare throughout the day.
    • There will be workshops especially for kids and parents where we will discuss sustainability, solidarity and social justice.
    • A small playground to have fun and play together.
    • A place with tents and enough shadow to rest and talk, to create and sleep, to enjoy and to breastfeed, to play and to have fun.

Consider joining us for a few days. Live together with other families and enjoy the inspiring atmosphere of the Klimacamp. Camp together in solidarity and respect, teach each other and get to know other families who aim to live in a world different than the one we live in now.
We would love to connect interested families beforehand and get to know you so we can fulfill your needs as good as we can.

If you plan on coming or have any questions, needs or suggestions just give us a quick heads up. Cristof Jellinek is reachable via call, text, telegram and signal: 068110311947.