Demonstration for Sustainable Mobility – Klimacamp

Demonstration for Sustainable Mobility

Since 2015, System Change, not Climate Change has been concerned with the question of how we can move without damaging the climate. Therefore, we are looking for possibilities to form a climate-friendly mobility policy.

Active protests against major construction projects such as the third runway at Vienna airport or the Lobau highway play an important role in this context. We want to show again the contradictions in which governments get entangled: on the one hand they propagate climate protection and on the other hand they pour the largest CO2 emitters of the country into the concrete.

Besides, we strive to exemplify alternatives and make them a living reality. On a personal, community and structural level, we want to create niches in which we live our visions of the future.

One of these visions for the future is to free public spaces from cars and make it usable for the general public.

That’s why we meet on Friday at 13.00 at Heldenplatz and then walk across Rathausplatz – both places of power and decisionmaking – to Sigmund Freud park (Votivpark).

The demo will be colourful and loud, with walkmobiles (so-called “Gehzeuge”), cubes and music. In the Votivpark we can expect the Children and Youth Action: “For all children in the world – Hand in hand for a better future”, where it says: today not at the expense of tomorrow, here not at the expense of elsewhere!