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Action Consensus

The action consensus provides a framework for our actions on the Day of Action for Climate Justice. It tries to make the Day of Action transparent and predictable for all participants. The action consensus is a common consensus for the common Day of Action. For individual actions there are more detailed action consensuses (Extinction Rebellion and Ende Geländewagen). Even in an action with many people and different actors we want to support and look after each other. We invite everyone who can identify themselves with this action consensus to participate in the Day of Action. Only in solidarity with all participants we can make the injustice of the system visible and point out possible changes.

On the May 31st 2019, the Day of Action for Climate Justice in Vienna will feature diverse and colorful activities on the subject of mobility. With a choreography of different forms of action, we will give a strong signal for climate justice. In view of the urgency of the climate crisis, we consider it necessary and appropriate to go one step further.

We will behave calmly and discreetly, we will not trigger any escalation or put anyone (human beings or animals) in danger. We will oppose the destruction of the climate with our bodies. We will not engage in any provocations. Our action will paint an image of diversity, creativity and openness. Our action is not directed against individual people (drivers, police, etc.), but against an exploitative and climate-damaging system.

The safety of activists and all other participants is our highest priority. We are preparing carefully and reliably for our actions.

We are part of different social movements and political spectrums. Together we take responsibility for the success of the actions. We want to create a situation that is as transparent as possible for every participant and in which we support and look after each other.

We see ourselves as part of the movement for climate justice and show solidarity with all those who resist the human-made climate crisis. We do not accept any discrimination, neither an everyday nor a structural one.