Day of Action for Climate Justice – Klimacamp

Day of Action for Climate Justice

The traffic is Austria’s biggest climate killer.

Stench of exhaust, car noise, completely parked areas. More and more space is still be created for cars, whereas people are expelled from the city centre by excessive rents and have to commute by car. Still  incredible amounts of money and resources are being invested in the preservation and expansion of  infrastructure projects based on fossil fuels.

We can’t go on like this!

We will retake the streets from the cars – on foot and by bike, with creative actions on the big Day of Action for Climate Justice of System Change, not Climate Change and the Climate Camp near Vienna. Because we stand against the construction of new large CO2 emitters like the Lobau highway and the 3rd runway, against the authoritarian politics of the right-wing Austrian government and against a transport policy that aggravates the climate crisis.

Be part of one of the manifold disobedient actions!

You can find the Action consensus for the Day of Action here. If you want to organize an action with your group or have any questions about the Day of Action: Write us an e-mail: aktionstag [at]

You can get the PGP key here.

Actions on May 31:

Demonstration of System Change, not Climate Change!

Colourful and loud against fossil mobility! All together we speak up for a clean and just future with a kids and youth action of the Climate Camp near Vienna: For every child in the world. Hand in hand for a better future

Meeting place: 13.00 at Heldenplatz


We say Ende Geländewagen!

On Friday, 31/05/2019 we take the protection of our climate, environment and health into our own hands. With an action of civil disobedience, we take a stand for a car-free Vienna and for climate justice. Because the following statement also applies to the transport sector: climate protection is manual work!

Meeting place: 13.00 at metro U1 Donauinsel or at 11:00 at the Climate Camp (Event Tent)


Extinction Rebellion

Briefing at 10:00 at U5: Universitätsstraße 5 (Near Schottentor/University main building)
At least one person of every affiliation group should attend the briefing.
Meeting point for the action is at 11:55 at Heldenplatz. We will take part in the strike for climate, but after leaving Heldenplatz we will begin our own day of action instead of following the procession.
The debriefing will take place from 16:00 at Salztorbrücke, where we will stay until 19:00. All those who are interested in getting to know Extinction Rebellion, or those who want to learn more about the urgency of the climate and ecological crises are welcome to join us and get informed.


Children and Youth Action: For all the children in the world. Hand in hand for a better future

We want to give a voice to the thoughts, ideas, feelings, hopes and fears of children directly affected by the climate crisis. Children from Vienna read messages from affected children from the Global South.

Meeting place: 14.30 Votivpark (Sigmund Freud park) – metro U2 Schottentor


#Farmers for Future

The climate crisis clearly shows that things cannot go on like this! Instead of creating an ever better climate for corporations, we finally need space for alternatives! Living in times of the climate crisis, we do not want depend on these players. Furthermore, corporations with special rights of action in trade and investment agreements (ISDS) can undermine regulations to protect the environment and the climate. What we want to express in this action is that there are alternatives and they must be democratic. Therefore we call participation for!

Meeting place: 10.00 at Friedrich-Wilhelm-Raiffeisenplatz 1


Critical Mass for Climate Justice: For a car-free city!
Bike ride action: In the context of the Day of Action we will show – as a critical mass for sustainable mobility – to whom the city belongs.

Meeting place: 13.00 at Schwarzenbergplatz next to the fountain