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Day of Action

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While Austria’s traffic system based on automobility continues to fuel the climate crisis, the car lobby and the social-democrat/neo-liberal coalition at city level, seriously want to build the Lobau highway (S1 Schwechat-Süßenbrunn). In times of multiple crises, this clearly shows us what is important to those in power and in which past-clutching world view the political-strategic orientation is still generally stuck. And that also means: we have to fight for a just transition in transportation ourselves.
The car lobby wants to create facts will start building the access roads (city highway, Spange Seestadt-Aspern, S1 Schwechat – Knoten Raasdorf) this fall. Only when these have been constructed, they will build the highway tunnel, which tunnels under the Lobau (National Park) and actively endangers it.

And all this for an alleged traffic relief, which has long been scientifically disproved.
Because whoever builds roads will reap traffic jams.

Are you also tired of capital interests being put above the common good? Then let’s not allow climate injustice any longer, but put the brakes on the car lobby together!
With a creative action we want to set an early start for #Lobaubleibt and thus make it a political tipping point. On 28.05. there will be an action day in cooperation with System Change not Climate Change, before that you can learn everything you need to know at the Climate Camp workshops!

Save the Date, if you feel like a colorful and creative action that will clearly show: if you build the tunnel, we will disobey!
#autocorrection #mobilitychangenow


For preparation and follow-up there will be some workshops and program points:

For those who want to prepare in advance, we recommend the legal info brochure from System Change, not Climate Change.
The action consensus can be found here.

Demo #MobilitätswendeJetzt – Stopp Lobau-Highway & Access Road!

In addition to the promotions, there is a registered demo for a mobility turnaround.
When: 13:00
Where: Schwarzenbergplatz
Info: Here