COVID-19 – Klimacamp


Preventionplan to prevent the spread of COVID-19 at the

Climate Camp 2021

Concepto preventivo para evitar la propagación del Covid-19 | Koncept za sniženje širenja covid-19

The responsibility for the development and realization of the Corona Protection Plan lies with the working group Life at Camp. However, we call on everyone present at the camp and all affiliated events to act in accordance with the measures laid out below and to act responsibly of their own volition.

1. Preparation

All indoor spaces, tents, sanitary or food distribution facilities will be set up in advance in a way that hygiene measures can be followed as well as possible.

1.1. Restrictions for Workshops

Restrictions for Workshops
For workshops involving physical presence, the number of participants will be limited. The exact number of permitted participants will be set by the Climate Camp Team in advance and depend on the nature of of the facilities in use. All participants will be assigned fixed seats on location.

1.2. Crowd prevention

Tents and other infrastructure buildings will be placed in sufficient distance from each other. We try to utilize the spacious set up at the future farm in order to prevent the crowding of participants. Where “bottlenecks” are unavoidable, one way trails will be set up and marked with arrows. In case of excessive crowding, we will look for alternative areas.

1.3. Communication

The Corona Protection Plan will be published on our website. Additionally, it will be sent to every participant after their application for any activity. Furthermore, a print version will be available in the Info-Tent. The info-sheet summarizing the most important Corona measures will be posted visibly at the Camp. All participants must confirm upon arrival that they have read the Corona Protection Plan and will act in accordance with the hygiene measures

2.Hygiene Measures on Location

2.1. Face Masks

With regards to face masks, we follow the legal requirements. In the present situation, this means that the wearing of FFP2 masks is mandatory during assemblies. It is possible that this mandate may be lifted, if enough distance between participants and sufficient ventilation can be guaranteed. Further and more concrete information with regards to the handling of face masks will be given on location, in accordance with the newest legal requirements. Please be prepared to wear masks for extended periods of time, though, and bring enough masks for yourself to be able to change them regularly. If it is possible for you, you are welcome to bring more masks in solidarity with other people who might need them. A limited stock of emergency masks will be provided by the Camp.

2.2. Social Distancing

Please try to continually – even while wearing a face mask – keep a distance of at least 2 meters to other people! Out of solidarity and in consideration of the image you are sending, we ask you to please also keep your distance to members of your affinity group on the perimeter of the Climate Camp. We try to set up appropriate framework conditions for this to work.

2.3. Disinfectant

Disinfectant will be provided at as many locations as possible where people accumulate or use a common infrastructure. Please make use of this! We encourage you to bring your own disinfectant. Surfaces and sanitary facilities will be disinfected regularly.

2.4. Testing

Participation will require a negative test result!

If you want to take part in activities over the course of the Climate Camp, you have to provide an officially recognized negative test certificate! Therefore, everyone should get tested in advance; do not forget your written certificate! In accordance with current legal requirements, antigen tests will remain valid for 48h and PCR-tests will remain valid for 72h.
An overview of all free testing facilities is provided by the city of Vienna on the following websites:

On location

We cannot perform any COVID-19-tests on site. Therefore, please also bring proof of a negative test (proof of vaccination or recovery is also possible, in terms of the 3G-rule) and keep it with you for the time at the Climate Camp. To clarify, as the information of the Federal Ministry on Social Affiars, Health, Care and Consumer Protection is unclear with this in English: 3G means “getestet” (tested), “genesen” (recovered) or “geimpft” (vaccinated). The literatl translation into English, thus, would be the TRV-Rule (testest, recovered, vaccinated).

Positive test result?

Individuals with positive test results are mandated by the state to go into quarantine! The same is true for everyone who has had direct contact with the positive individual. Likewise, individuals with Corona-typical symptoms are called upon to isolate themselves. Be in solidarity and protect yourself and your  fellow human beings.

In case of a positive test result on the Camp, we ask you to immediately proceed to your current residency in order to quarantine there. If you are unable to do so in a Corona-safe manner, we will assist you in finding your way there safely. In case of a positive test result on the Camp, we ask you to immediately proceed to your current residency in order to quarantine there. If you are unable to do so in a Corona-safe manner, we will assist you in finding your way there safely. Free movement on the perimeter of the Camp while being COVID-19 positive is not solidary and prohibited.

Likewise, if Corona symptoms occur over the course of the Climate Camp, we ask you to please get tested as soon as possible.
Here is a list of testing facilities for individuals experiencing symptoms:
Here is an online tool to self-check your symptoms:

2.5. Contact Tracing

We ask everyone participating in activities to please sign into our attendance list upon arrival. Additionally, we will keep lists of all attendees of our workshops and the Summer Schools. This is done to get an accurate a picture as possible of the movement of participants.

3.After the Camp

We are hoping for a smooth Camp experience, and that compliance with the hygiene measures will prevent any COVID-19 infections over the course of the Climate Camp. In case you experience symptoms after the Camp, we ask you to please get tested immediately.

In case of a positive test result please contact or call +43 (0)670 404 35 77. Please include a detailed recount of the activities you attended, which facilities you utilized and with whom you had contact. We will immediately contact all relevant persons and ask them to get tested or, in case of closer contact, go into quarantine.