COVID-19 – Klimacamp


Preventionplan to prevent the spread of COVID-19 at the

Climate Camp 2022

Concepto preventivo para evitar la propagación del Covid-19 (Climate Camp 2021) | Koncept za sniženje širenja covid-19 (Climate Camp 2021)

The responsibility for the development and implementation of the Corona concept lies with the Leben am Camp working group. Nevertheless, all persons are requested to adhere to appropriate measures within the framework of the Climate Camp and to act in a self-responsible manner!

1. Preparation

The Corona concept is available on the website. Printed copies are available in the information tent. The information leaflets with the most important Corona hints will be displayed at the info tent.

2.Hygiene Measures on Location

2.1. Mouth-nose-protection

With regard to mouth-nose protection, we are guided by the legal requirements. Currently no masks are prescribed; these can be worn on a voluntary basis.

2.2. Disinfection

We will provide disinfectants at as many places as possible where people meet or use the same infrastructure. Please use this possibility! Surfaces and sanitary facilities will be disinfected regularly.

2.3. Antigen testing

We are not able to perform tests on site. We encourage you to test yourself with antigen tests beforehand, but we will not check this. There will also be notices on the homepage and on site: “Please behave responsibly and test yourself before and after the climate camp”.

2.4 Positive test result?

In case of a positive test result at the camp, we will immediately ask you to go to your current location where you can isolate yourself. If this is not possible in a corona compliant manner, we will work with you to find a solution for how to get there. Free movement within the camp would be Covid19-positive unsolidarity and is prohibited. Also for people with typical Corona symptoms: Isolate yourselves. Protect yourselves and your fellow human beings!

Also in the case that corona symptoms appear during the climate camp, we ask you to take a test as soon as possible.

Here you can find the online symptom checker:

3.After the Camp

We hope that the camp will run smoothly and that no Covid-19 transmission will occur during the camp. If you experience any symptoms after the camp, we ask you to get tested immediately!

In case of a positive test result please contact or the info phone +43 (0)670 404 35 77.

Contact tracing

Positive test results will be collected in the info tent and it will be noted (if) in which workshop the person participated. At the end of the Climate Camp, the website will tell in which workshops who was positive, so that people can get tested.