Common Ecologies Summer School – Klimacamp

Common Ecologies Summer School

Date: 24.05., 26.05., 27.05.,
Time: 10:00-13:30

Organisation: Common Ecologies Collective
Language: English
Place: Anfanggasse 1220, Wien
Min – Max participants: 10-25
Deadline for enrolment: NONE

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Tools for building power & care in times of planetary crisis
This summer school, facilitated by the Common Ecologies Collective, will address different aspects of building power and care in the context of climate movements. Key questions we’ll address are: How and why should we build synergies across feminist, agricultural and labour movements? How may we liaise and organise around batshit jobs (those toxic jobs in petrol, car and other industries), building common demands and perspectives? Why does our organising need to be feminist and anti-racist, what tools may we refer to? How can we mobilize care in order to make our movements more resilient, transversal and sweet? Throughout three sessions, we’ll bring in different perspectives on building power: from the body up, from the community up, from the workplace up, from the city up. We’ll be drawing on our work and materials from Common Ecologies courses and podcasts (the Earthcare fieldcast and Spadework podcast) as well as concepts and toolboxes we bring from engagement in different movements.Links:

24.05. – Day 1 – Building power and care (10:00-13:30)
Intro to course
Building power – what does that mean? Mapping workshop and discussion of climate movement’s alliances and horizons.
Building care – what does that mean? Feminist mapping tools for mapping our interdependencies across communities and movements.

26.05. – Day 2 – Feminist and antiracist organizing: Earthcare struggles and Anti-racist toolkits (10:00-13:30)
Earthcare Struggles and the need to articulate climate, agroecological & feminist struggles. Lessons and Tools from the Channelling the Forces of Reproduction Course of the Common Ecologies School, and the Earthcare Fieldcast.
Tools from anti-racist organizing for climate movements: learning from the organizing toolbox of the Spadework podcast and Werkstatt fuer Bewegungsbildung.

27.05. – Day 3 – Challenges and Visions (10:00-13:30)
Batshit jobs and the challenge of linking to labour movements.
Horizons and Theories of Change. Mapping ways forward.
Final discussion.

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