Deadline: 29th March 2020

Climate camps are at the heart of the climate justice movement. We are currently preparing the climate camp near Vienna 2020. We want to create a place where people live and learn together. We want to bring climate justice into the present. For this purpose we are organising a summer school as well as cultural, children’s and family programmes. We also organize workshops at the camp where skills and knowledge are shared and new ideas are developed together. For this we are looking for you!

This is your chance to share topics that are important to you!
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Whether theoretical, practical or based on self-awareness: at the climate camp there is room for many topics and approaches. A balanced mixture of introductory workshops and more advanced discussion of topics is important to us. We want to make knowledge and the exchange of knowledge as accessible as possible. For this we want to use simple language and offer translations. English and German are the camp languages, but we also welcome workshops in other languages. Please let us know in time so that we can organize a translation if necessary.

The climate crisis does not take place in an isolated space, but is linked to a variety of oppressive mechanisms such as racism and patriarchy. It is important for us to question these in our own movement as well. Therefore we set two priorities:
– Antiracism
– Queer-feminism

Since climate camps are places where utopias should be lived, we would also like to see workshops on the following topics:
– alternative concepts of society (e.g. degrowth concept, buen vivir, solidarity community)
– currents of system critique (e.g. anarchism, eco-socialism, Marxism)
– “sustainable” living (e.g. DIY, solidarity-based economy, agroecology)
– skills/DIY (e.g. encryption)

While the camp takes place there will be an action day. This year the theme is “Car-free cities and traffic transition”. Therefore, we would like to invite you in particular to contribute workshop ideas on this topic.

We reject conspiracy theory and discriminatory content.

We particularly want to encourage people who are exposed to social discrimination (e.g. FLINT* people, black people, people of color, migrants and people with disabilities) to submit a workshop.

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If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to contact us via!

We are looking forward to hearing from you! 🙂


FLINT* stands for female, lesbian, inter, non-binary and trans* persons


Hard facts about the camp:
The Climate Camp near Vienna will be located max. 1,5h from the main station of Vienna and can be reached by public transport: The exact location has not yet been determined.
There will be two to three hour workshop slots on four days in the morning and in the afternoon. The workshops will take place in tents or outdoors. Presentation material and flipcharts will be available. Since the location is not yet known, we cannot make any promises for electricity. A projector cannot be used.
Travel costs will be reimbursed (only public transport, no flights, fuel costs only in justified exceptions) and an expense allowance of 50€ will be paid. But money should not be an exclusion criterion, if you need more, contact us and we will try to find a solution!
Camping is possible on the camp ground. There will be vegan food and probably child care.