Call for Translators and Interpreters – Klimacamp

Call for Translators and Interpreters

What is a Climate camp?

Climate camps are built on four pillars: education, networking, living alternatives, and direct action. Climate camps are at the heart of the climate justice movement. They are a gathering place for diverse political and social groups fighting for environmental sustainability and social justice to network and educate one another. They’re also a space where alternatives to today’s exploitative social structures may be tested, and our opposition can be amplified via direct action and civil disobedience. The climate justice movement seeks to ensure a good life for all in a world with finite resources. To achieve this, we strive for radical systemic change.

Interpret or Translate Workshops 

Because we want the climate camp to be an accessible and inclusive community for those who don’t speak German or English as a native language, we are searching for individuals who can interpret workshops into Austrian sign language (ÖGS) or translate workshops from German or English to other languages on a needs-basis. We are searching for individuals who may need translation or interpreting practice or already have experience doing so.

Hard Facts

  • Workshop duration: approx. 3 hours
    We will need someone who is available for long periods of time to provide services for entire workshops or days
  • Fee:
    • We rely on donations and grant applications because the organizing team is entirely made up of volunteers. As a result, we are unable to compensate everyone. Nevertheless, we would still like to reward your contributions.
    • Currently, we have not decided upon a remuneration scheme for interpreters and translators, however this will be decided in the future. 
    • Although we can issue to you a certificate which documents your activity as a translator at the climate camp 2022.
    • If you choose to waive your remuneration, it goes into a soli-pot that allows us to redistribute the money.
    • If you require additional funds to participate in the climate camp, please contact us and we will work out a solution. To counteract structural barriers we want to pay more to people who are marginalized by power relations.
  • Languages:
    • We are looking for individuals who are able to translate from German to English, English to German, English or German into other languages (based upon your capabilities)
    • We are looking for individuals who can interpret workshops in German into Austrian sign language (ÖGS)
  • Location: The Klimacamp at the Lobau-Camp  is an open-air manifestation hosted in tents. We can provide you with a place to stay, on a needs-basis.

If you are interested or have any questions, please contact us by email at

If you submit an application, please allow us a few weeks after the closing of the survey to get in touch with more practical information.

The application for interpreters and translators can be found on the link below: