Klimacamp – Utopien leben


Klimacamp 2023 (June 4th – 11th 2023) in Lichtenwörth near Wiener Neustadt

This year’s Klimacamp takes place from June 4th – 11th 2023 in Lichtenwörth near Wiener Neustadt

The program can be found here All further infos can be found here

>>Wir suchen noch Helping Hands!<<

Möchtest du auch dazu beitragen, dass das Klimacamp ein tolle Woche wird? Als Helping Hand kannst du uns bei vielen Dingen unterstützen (Aufbau, Abbau, Küchenhilfe, Transport, Workshop-Referent*innen betreuen, Infos verteilen, …). Wenn Du Interesse hast, dann trag dich doch hier bei der Helping-Hands Anmeldung ein und wir melden uns bei dir. Für Englisch klicke hier.

Das Kennenlerntreffen für Helping Hands wird am 24. Mai um 17:30 in der HuS (Rathausstraße 19-21, 1010 Wien) stattfinden. Der Ersatztermin für alle die am 24.5. keine Zeit haben ist am 1. Juni um 18:00, ebenfalls in der HuS.


Direct action

Creative protest – discourse intervention through action: Through various forms of protest and action around the climate camp, people actively intervene in the prevailing discourse. Climate justice is thus increasingly becoming a topic of discussion in the media and among the population.

Living Alternatives

Living the Good Life for All – and making it tangible: The Climate Camp is a place to try out innovative, sustainable and grassroots democratic ways of living. It is intended to inspire people and thus bring about a long-term change in values away from competition and towards cooperation.


Connecting Movements – promoting synergies in diversity: The Climate Camp is a space for the networking of diverse emancipatory groups – from food sovereignty to queer feminism to anti-fascism. It promotes understanding of commonalities and differences and thus strengthens positions and demands in solidarity in Austria.

Further Education

Further education – Growing together, learning from each other: The climate camp sensitises, informs and inspires new people for the issue of climate justice. In addition, the movement at the climate camp learns from and with each other and thus becomes more resilient, stronger and more quick-witted.