Klimacamp – Utopien leben

Climate Camp near Vienna
May 26th – June 2nd 2019

The Climate Camp is at the heart of the Climate Justice movement.
It is a place for networking between different political and social groups who speak up for environmental sustainability and social justice.

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Further education – growing together, mutual learning: The Climate Camp sensitizes, informs and encourages new people for the subject of climate justice. Moreover, at the Climate Camp the movement itself comes together to learn from each another and thus gets stronger, more resilient and quick-witted.


Connecting Movements – fostering synergies in diversity: The Climate Camp creates space for networking between various emancipatory group like food sovereignty, queer feminism and antifascism. It promotes the comprehension of common traits and differences, and thus strengthens the positions and claims showing solidarity in Austria.

Alternative Ways of Living

Making the good life for all a living reality and experience: The Climate Camp is a place to try innovative, sustainable and grass-roots ways of living. It is intended to inspire people and thus shift the values in the long term – from competition towards cooperation.

Direct Action

Creative protests – discourse intervention through action: By different forms of protests and actions around the Climate Camp, people interfere actively in the predominant discourse. Thus, media and communities focus their discussions more on the subject of climate justice.